How to Caulk a Big Joint

Here is the jist of my new job as a caulker:  to fill the gaps in between the concrete.  This is on a balcony between two patio doors. 

First, look at the gap:

Step 1

Stuff it with stuffing:

Step 2

Use the big gun get some caulking on there:

Step 3

Add more and more:

Step 4

Smooth it out with high tech equipment like cedar shims (cut to size) and some watered down dish soap (it keeps the caulking from sticking to the shims...who knews???!!!)

Step 5

And keep smoothing until it is an impermiable masterpiece!

Step 6

Then enjoy the view from the 25th floor and knowing that someone has bought this condo/balcony for $750,000 and I get to be in this spot for a few moments and get a good view of things.  (the joint I was working on is in the lower right corner)...and they are not all this nice a view, or easy...

Step 7, enjoy the view