Smash Up Spectacular

My friend Kim and I attended the Smash Up Derby in Petawawa on Sunday.  It is part of the family-fun good times of Petawawa's Civic Centre Days, which amounts to a fair, some antique cars, greasy consessions and the crowd favorite, the Smash Up Derby.  We started out the day at the Antrim Truck stop for a delish breakfast.

Derby 1 Breakfast

I had never been a smash up derby before.  I was surprised at how downright entertaining it was to witness cars smash into each other.  To thoroughly enjoy a smash up derby, I had to check all my environmental concerns at the door (oh, the exaust, the fuel leaks, the fires ! )  For a $5 entry fee, we watched round after round of cars smash into each other. 

Derby 3, smash up

Video of round 2, or was it 3 or 4?  In fact the derby last a whole 5 hrs, and we stuck it out for the entire afternoon.  It sure was a cultural experience.   Also interesting people watching:  it seems to really fit in at one of these, one must chain smoke and have a minimum of 3 tattoos.

Car fixing between rounds:


Derby 5, fixing sm

The size of the winning car:

Derby 6 winner sm

After a long day in the sun, we headed back to the Antrim Truck stop for a hot turkey sandwich.  What a way to end a day.

Derby 7, dinner sm