Up and Down

I have taken on yet another interesting job.  From the sweeping job I was doing for a few weeks on a condo construction site, I got recruited to work as a caulker.  Now,  I thought it was going to be easy-peasy stuff like kitchens and bathrooms, but it turns out it is caulking OUTSIDE, like windows and sealing the joints in the construction.  What I have gotten myself into?  Sometimes this involves the swing stage, safety harness and all.  I am a tad afraid of heights, but this exploration is too good to forgo over a little vertigo.  Today, the work was on balconies.  I like how some things will catch my eye when looking down or up.

This was the DOWN.  It seemed to me that this was some kind of bicycle-beer-bottle rally.  I like how the yellow shirted man is trying to see if the beer store is open.  I think this was rather early in the morning.

Beer store bike rally

this is was the building across the street from where I was working. 

Window washer building  

Here is a zoom-in on the window washers at the very top.  At least I don't have their job :)   !!!!!!

Window washer crop