World Premiere: Lymph Nymph

The Lymph Nymph: a series of performative actions. Coming soon to a park, pond, parking lot or picnic near you. 

UPDATE! Upcoming performances Spring/Summer 2015:

Stables Studio Open House, 155 Loretta Ave N Ottawa, back parking lot

Saturday June 6, 2:00pm (rain date, Sunday June 7)


Blink Gallery Picnic, part of the 10th year Anniversary events

Header House, Major's Hill Park, Ottawa 

June 14, noon-3pm (performance time TBA)

rain date: June 21


About the Lymph Nymph:

A lymph node is part of the endocrine system. There are hundreds of small nodes found in specific locations of the human body, such as the neck, the arm pit, and the groin. Lymph nodes work as part of the cleansing and drainage system of the blood as well as the site of production for white blood cells, the body’s defence system. A nymph has two definitions. First, it is a character of Greek mythology, most often a forest-living female deity. The second definition of a nymph is a larvae form of an invertebrate animals such as an insect. The LYMPH NYMPH is being developed through the creation of 100 lymph nodes, a body suit (as seen below) and possibly, a parachute (!)

Click on the image to animate the Lymph Nymph