Jason and I are taking our long-awaited road trip to Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. We are leaving on Saturday and returning in 2 weeks (or so). The cats (Buckley on the left) and Pandora (on the right) will be left in the care of the neighbour and visiting friends. It looks like the cats are ready to take a vacation as well, and don't seemed the least bit disturbed by our departure.

Maybe I'll post while I'm away, if I can get to the public library or someother computer place.
Happy Holidays!

PS, I ended the mitten documentation at 789. That's all the mittens and gloves that I used in the Winterlude tent installation. I'd still like to get through the ones that were hung inside the Pavilion, but that will have to be left to some other time. I'd also estimate that all I've gotten through about half of the mittens and gloves that I have in total! More work to be done!