Mittens III


Yesterday was a perfect mitten documentation day. I finally got a system for tagging, documenting and photographing. I got through about 100 yesterday. Today, I was planning to do a whole bag or two, but got stopped by the rain. I only got 50 done. I've been doing all this outside because:
-its nice to work outside in the summer
-better lighting for photography
-more room to spread out
-makes the neighbors wonder what I'm up to. (Someone has to do something interesting around here!)

Today was a bit frustrating, but there's always tomorow. Also, my phone line hasn't been working, the internet when down (horror) briefly. I was planning on cleaning up my studio room (its been a mess for about a month!), but first I need to find some boxes. Instead of cleaning up, I'm just hopping to be able to pack up and move into that dreamy studio.