Yesterday I began organizing my Lost Mitten Project. Since I got an Ontario Arts Council Grant for my Lost Mitten Project, I figured I actually have to get to work!!!! Yesterday I spent some time organizing the bags of mittens I have in my garage. I'm trying to sort the bags by the approximate date of loss of mitten (as opposed to the collection date, when I picked up the mittens from the transit system lost and found). I think the approximate date of loss is more important.

Also yesterday, I stared making tags for the mittens. I got up to 800, although I have already tagged up to 300. I probably have about 2000 lost mittens and gloves. I want to tag them and them wash them. Some of them are kind of dirty. Next week, I am planning to start the tagging process and photodocumentation and data entry. This is going to be so much fun! Its also fun to work with these silly mittens in the summer. It kind of absurd to think of wearing a mitten on a day like today!

I saw a lovely studio today. I'm ready for the big move to More Space!