This is Ruffy, the mascot for the Ottawa Renegades football team. Jason and I are going to go to a game tonight. It seems to be a big thing here in Ottawa. I don't know anything about football. I'm going more to watch the crazy fans, and of course, the Ruffy the Mascot. My friend Yvette got me interested in sports mascots. They are so funny. Why does a sports team even need a mascot? There must be a long history involved with that. A few years ago, I even had a job interview for a company that makes mascots. I didn't get the job.

I don't understand the whole professional sports phenomema anyway. It all about business, really. And entertainment. People spend so much money on being a fan of a sports team. It really amazes me. Sports is the new religion. Something people can believe in. Something that gives their life meaning. Ah, but its all really just a brilliant marketing scheme and business plan, so its all meaningless.

This is what happens when I go to sporting events, I think too much!! Maybe I'll bring a pen to take notes...