Lost Mitten Mountain

One last weekend to take in the Lost Mitten Mountain at the NCC's Blizzart exhibition at Confederation Park, part of Winterlude 2012. We all have the experience of losing a favorite mitten or glove. It is a common experience we share in a winter climate and we process the mitten’s disappearance through the stages of grief, denial, anger, bargaining, depression (in the case of a special mitten) and finally, acceptance. The symbol of a mountain is inspired by the actual number of mittens and gloves that are lost each winter: one could really build a mountain out of these lost and loved items. By losing these mittens and gloves, the public has made a communal contribution to this project.

KBergmans Lost Mitten Mountain at Winterlude 2012

Can you guess how many mittens it takes to make the mountain?? play on Twitter with #blizzart and #winterlude

Media Stories on the Mountain of Lost MIttens, WOW! THANK YOU!!!

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And Thank you to the NCC for supporting this project!


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