Portland and Open Engagement #OE2013

I recently attended Open Engagement 2013 at Portland State University. It was a great weekend of workshops, lectures, keynotes, all the networking that goes along with a busy conference.  Open Engagement  "is an annual international conference that sets out to explore various perspectives on Art and Social Practive and expand the dialogue around socially engaged art making." What I took away from the attending #OE2013 is the importance of community in our daily lives, whether you work as an artist, or have a 'regular' job, engaging with the community in which you live will enrich your life and offer a sense of place and belonging.  It could be a as simple as visiting a library, attending a class at a community centre, or developping your own project that people can get involved in. It makes so much sense that this conference took place in Portland, because people in Portland are Really into their community. Whether its their beautiful gardens, bicycling, food trucks, composting etc...everything that makes a place great to live in, they are doing it.

It was valuable to hear about interesting projects and art practices, as well and enjoy the amenties of the city. 



The Beautiful Portland State University Campus:



Panel Discussion: Craft and Social Practice


 Craft Workshop with Carol Lung (AKA Frau Fiber)



Talk is Cheap by Silvia Juliana Mantilla Ortiz



Bicycle Love!



 Portland icons:

4 pics of portland


And the ROSES!!



 Beautiful rododendron trees



My lovely hosts Eric and Marci, and house guest Carole Lung (from Long Beach, CA). So nice to have met some really wonderful Portland people.  Thank you so much for your generous hospitality and bicycle borrowing!