Clapper the Biscuit in the Crease: public art commission

This summer, I was successful in a public art commission competition funded by Canadian Heritage/Patrimoine Canadienne (PCH) to create a fun and interactive art element for the Plaza Bridge Terrace, just north of the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. With the theme of PLAY with a connection to Canadian sport, I designed a mixed-up hockey rink entitled "Clapper the Biscuit in the Crease". In hockey lingo, this means 'put the puck in the net'.

By using elements of the traditional hockey rink markings, changing the colours and mixing them up, a new game is created.  This design is printed on graphic film and installed on the pavement.  Hockey fans will recognize the rink motifs, and non-hockey fans will enjoy the colours and graphic lines. The public is encouraged to develop their own rules and play on the ‘rink’ by skipping to different colours, balancing along lines, finding dots to stand on, etc... pre-hockey season is the perfect time to invent a new game without sticks, pucks or ice.

Enjoy Clapper the Biscuit in the Crease!!


CTBITC pic installed