Art Art Art 2011 Re-cap


Thumbnail Mountains

I am a huge fan of Year in Reviews. I love reflecting on the year that Has Been and looking forward to a New Year with fresh enthusiam. 2011 has proven to be a year of many art endeavors, some planned and well executed, some taking on a grander scale than anticiapted, and some art travel to the wonderful-art-land of Banff.

This year has made me appriecate that much of my art career is instable and constantly in evolution. There are no certainties and I have a constant striving to move forward, take on new challenges, and get up each day to pursue this murky, mystifying, undulating path and create some kind of order to it (likely to be colourful and fluffy)

OOH, AH, WOW in the Field, Dec 11, 2011

I have fixed up my web site with a pile of photos from this year. These here holidays may be a good time to take a look-see at what I've been up to over the past months. There's also a blog post at the Fieldwork site. The word sculptures in the field are holding up just fine...they'll be up till April 2012, so if you're heading to or from Toronto this winter, take the senic Highway 7. The field is only a 5 minute drive off of the highway, and worth the slight diversion.




2012 is bringing a re-visiting of the Lost Mitten Project. I'm sewing up all the mittens I collected in 2001-2004 to build a Lost Mitten Mountain/Montagne de Mitaines Perdue. It will be exhibited at the NCC's Nothern Passion Nordique exhibition in Confederation Park during Ottawa's Winterlude in February. It nice to re-connect to my past project and make use of the mittens I collected.

 I wish you the best for the remaining days of 2011 and look forward to many new endeavors in 2012!