My First!

I am shipping a project out to Calgary's Stride Gallery +15 Window Space  next week, so I had to make my very first shipping crate, which may also be all I need for a casket in 'The End'.  Peter Shmelzer helped me make the crate.  A woodworker is a handy person to know.  The project is a very long word made from letter pillows and will be installed on the cute little crown moulding shelves from the Corridor Gallery installation. (Alisdair McRae was the curator for that show and helped me make the shelves, another woodworker, Hourrah! Nothing like playing with a rented compound mitre saw :).  The +15 Window Space is situated in the Epcor Centre for the Performing Arts, and I'll just say that this word will make you want to sing a little song.  The exhibition will run from June 1 to July 31, so if you're in Calgary, go take a look!