Tania's Willow

I found my friend Tania's beautiful children's book Willow's Whispers at my local ottawa chapters.  I had to find a corner of the store and read it immediately.  Tania did the illustrations and a Lana Button wrote the text.  It is a really lovely story and Tania's illustration are really adorable.  (I especially like Willow's socks, and change of wardrobe in the second half, and the Teacher is very teacher-ish)


Tania always puts in a sweet little kitty (and this one was in quite a few 'scenes'!)


and in a bold move, I added some books to the *New and Hot* for 3-5 yr olds table (at the back of the table), only to discover that there was already a great big pile on the table already! Congratulations Tania!!!