DUMBO arts Festival! THIS weekend!

I'm just about ready to go to Brooklyn next weekend THIS WEEKEND! to exhibit at the Dumbo Arts Festival.  I'll be exhibiting my TEXT-ING project on Plymouth Ave btween Main and Washington Streets.  I have been studying the area with google Street View, how handy is that? That's the Brooklyn Bridge in the background to the left and the Manhattan Bridge on the right.

Screen shot 2009-09-16 at 9.26.31 PM 

So just imagine the image below on the street down somewhere there.  

13 Proposed TEXT-ING Installation

I'm not planning on taking the fencing, and changing the tarp to astro turf (still need to find :).  and I need to sew up just a few extra letters like 'o' and 's' and 'n', you know the ones that come in handy when there's a spare.  

Now here's the cool part. I have set up a Flickr site for this exhibition. The festival has created an ipod app so people can get info on the artists and exhibitions in the palm of their hand.  So I sent in tiny pics and a wee video for my profile.  I also included an email address: font24move@photos.flickr.com

that people can use to upload a photo right to the flicker account.  So then, when people are taking pics of the pillow TEXT msg, they can send it right them and there to the interweb flickr account.  

So if you're perusing my blog during the weekend of Sept 25-27, there may be some new photos being uploaded every once in a while.  I'll likely be adding some of my own pics at the end of each day.