I was commissioned by SAW Gallery to make a few nests for their Animal House exhibition that opens this Saturday,  link to  fcbk grp

First, I made a sculptural form chicken wire and plaster/fabric swatches combination. 
For the first nest, a Sun Bird, a little bird from Malaysia, makes nests from detritus and garbage and often uses bright and colourful materials to attract a mate.   This nest is pretty tiny, maybe about 1' long. I collected scraps from the streets and fields and for a few moments, felt like a bird looking for nesting materials.  I added the bird at the last minute, and with a little beak job (not in this photo), looks quite like the real Sun Bird


For the Weaver Bird nests, I found this product called coco liner that is used to line flower boxes, and it is the perfect Weaver Bird texture material.  I covered the forms with the coco liner and turns these nests into nooks that I'd like to take a nap in.  Sweet!  These ones a much bigger, the larger one is about 4' long. 

The exhibition runs to end of September, so there's plenty of time to swing by and take a peak at all the animal art. Link to SAW Gallery site.