I have been busy at the studio, as of late, and its looking rather spiffy, with freshly painted white floors (not too practical, but looks *sweet*) and some more floor space.  I am still trying to settle things, get other things on wheels so as to make them modular, and just getting organized.  Two dreams came true yesterday, as I put casters on the couch and I also got a hold of a refurbished disco ball motor to give that piece from the last post some movement.  It seems that things are falling into the places they should.  On top of it all, I've the unpacked fabric I bought on my recent travels, and I can't wait to have a sewing week (or two) to make some new clothing items for the shop and upcoming events, as Spring is around the corner!


PS, I was at a Ontario Craft Council Conference on the weekend and I was spotted here. (Thanks for the link, Harry Nowell:)