Photos of NYC weekend

Last weekend, we had a little holiday in NYC.  It was super busy (as always) in the city...I think staying at a (dive-y) hotel in Times Square added to the frenzy.  We took a city tour, went to the Guggenheim(Louise Bourgeois), I did some fabric shopping and gallery hopping. We saw the DUMBO art fair in Brooklyn, ate in China Town and took the Staten Island Ferry at night.  So many things to do, so little time.  I love this photo of our little car in Times Square.  I think it is happy to be there.  I have posted a photo gallery on FLIKR, Enjoy!


I have also quit my summer-fun caulking job and am throwing myself behind the serger machine in preparation for the launch of my clothing line when my studio has an open house (in 2 weeks, yikes!)  My new plan is More blog posts, more frequently, so check back soon :)