The Hazy and Not-So-Lazy-Days of Summer

I have a wall piece/fibre sculpture at Dale Smith Gallery group show entiled HARBINGER.  It opens on Thurs evening, hope you can make it!


Last week, I met met some friends of friends who are artists from Vancouver installing a public art sculpture in Ottawa's Cancer Park (corner of Industrial and Riverside).  Since I have been working on a construction site, I thought it would be a great opportunity to watch them at their installation site.   (The art and construction collide :).  Their company IE CREATIVE has won many public art projects, and it was cool to see their work going up.

Imstallation 1

I had a soul cleansing time at Wakefeild's RomperStomp Barn party on Saturday night.  The music was terrific and I danced up a storm until the wee hours and fell into the tent in the feild nearby.  The camp fire was pretty impressive too.

Barn band

Camp fire 2