FAT madness

Its taken a few days to process the excitment, anxiety, distress and tons and tons of mad fun that was the Toronto Alternative Fashion Show.  I have made a galleries of the performances and of the pieces I installed there.  Also, view the video documentation of exhibition space.    Public Interventions included handing out dust masks to protect ourselves from the SARS satchel, 'Spilling my guts' from the Colon Carry-All, wearing my Heart-On-My-Sleeve, and wearing the newest in fashion accessies: Tumour Belt.  Thank you so much to my Hazmat Gals for being my posse for the night and my friends who came to the show to cheer me on!  YOU ROCK!


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0_xD1F1f6I&hl=en]