Winter Snow

Ottawa got 50 cm of snow on the weekend...I don't know if I've ever seen so much snow in one big snowfall.  J took this little video of me jumping into the snow.  I like the super 8 quality of the video.  It also a bit hard to see, but I am actually about 6 feet off the ground on top of a snow pile in our parking lot/backyard.   I made a photo album of some of the crazy snow fall starting from my walk on Saturday afternoon, out at night and then another walk/shovelling event on Sunday. 


I thought it was a good day on Sunday to made banana bread.  Yum!


To appease myself for indoor acitivites, I splurged on a British Vogue.  The image on the left sold me on the mag.  Its not too apparent in the photo, but its just a riot of colour: a photo shoot in Peru.  When can I go? And those boots on the right! wow!