Odd Jobs and Good Experience

I have enrolled in a welding class on wednesday nights at Algonquin.  So far, it is going really well and it is really great to learn a new (valuable) skill.  I'm not sure if I'm drawn to welding because I could make some really cool art or because there are half decent jobs in welding.  Maybe its a bit of both.  Anyway, I needed something to help me make better (bigger?) infrastructure to my art, and a little continuing education is good for mind and soul.  In an effort to gain exprience in industrial settings, I also signed on with a placement agency for part time work.  This week's assignment was at a 50,000 sq/ft tile warehouse.  My job was cleaning.  So I swept, and swept and cleaned and put out the garbage.  It was exausting and empowering at the same time.  Its also cool to be in new spaces, get a peek of how these places work and the meet the people that work in them.  I wonder where my next assigment will be.