155b Gallery opening

where did the week go?  On Monday I was enjoying tomato salad and boom, all these other things happened and now its Friday?  Its the day the long awaited 155b Gallery is opening and I have some nice work to show in it.  Here's a photo of the SAFE pillows as they are installed at the gallery.  I took photos of the pillows in some 'safe' places.  The pillows turned out to be rather photogenic as well as easy to transport on my bike(s) so I took lots of pictures of them in various places.  I posted a little photo gallery to the left so you can view the images.  Then I printed the photos and made some sweet little fibrous wall pieces for the show.  They are $100 each, if anyone is interested.  So come out to the grand 155b opening tonight at 155b Loretta Ave from 4-10pm.  See you there!