Open Studios

The weekend went well at the Stables Studio open house.  I did a whole bunch of cleaning up (after having just moved in) and made my little nook of a studio into a cute little art gallery.  It was so cozy!  It was great to get some public feedback on this new fibre art that I have been working on in the past few months.  I like how many people disregarded the 'rule' of do-not-touch-the-art and just went ahead and gave these fluffy sculptures a rub.  It is just too tempting when you see something so textural.  Good thing I finished all the pieces for the show.  There were quite a few that still had pins in them.  I love starting the work, but finishing it gets a bit hum-drum.  Anyway, I'm pleased with the way things turned out and I'm looking forward to finding a 'real' gallery for this work.  It definitely needs to be seen.


a little tree display in the other corner: