Some odds and ends of press

I just found out about an episode 5 of UATV has been released from the Toronto Alternative Fashion Show .  It looks so slick and fancy, I'm pretty excited to have been part of it.  Jenny and I are in the first 5 minutes or so of the show, talking about cake.   Also, Jenny has started a Cake Blog with our 'serious' artist statment about cake and images of her beautiful mixed media work.


An interview on CBC Radio came up suddenly on Monday afternoon.  It was with regards to my lost mitten project and the miten sleeping bags.  I brought one of the bags into the studio as a prop.  I like that it seems my sleeping bag is being interviewed...and the nice framing of the Canadian Flag in the background tourist shop.  I wanted to snuggle in at the radio studio and never leave, dear, sweet CBC!


Thank you to Lala who commented the other day about a little article that was written about my work in the Ottawa CityJournal from November 1.  See the article on-line here.


What a flurry!  and in between all the hoopla, I've been settling in nicely at my new studio The Stables, I even managed to plug in the glue gun again and get the sewing machine rumbling away.