Cake Excitement

The cake show went very well on Saturday.  It was quite fun to dress as cake. People are usually pretty excited about cake.  I think they were more excited than usual.  Performance interventions inlcuded singing good ole 'Happy Birthday', I did a reading from Margaret Atwood's The Edible Woman, Jenny sang a song and did a little dance.  We passed out cake and cupcakes.  There was lots of cake eating and general merriment.  What a fun way to enliven a gallery opening!   

I got blogged about here!  Cool!  Thanks David! 

Also today's Ottawa Citizen published an image out of cake shoes!  I don't want to be a picky pooh, but someone at the Citizen really should have thought of printing it in colour.  Cake shoes and Loaf-ers don't quite have the same impact in B & W.  C'est la vie!


Its a bit of a blurry picture, but here's our interview on the CBC, from the National Arts Centre. and cake.