I had such a good time in Toronto last week.  I have put together a little photo album (link on the left) of the street painting I did at the Junction Arts Festival.  It was fun to make the street beautiful with so much fun colour!


I also swung a little side deal with Steve's Meats.  Steve asked me to paint his store's name on the side walk.  He and his staff were very happy with the results!


When in Toronto, I had some time to go to the CNE.  Here is a picture of a ride I did not go on.  I've never trusted rides that can be taken apart in a day.


I took a little day trip to Cambridge to see the exhibition Fibreworks '06 at the Cambridge Galleries that I got juried into.  It was so good to have a look at the installation of the show and see all the other works/artists who are in it too.  There is some really interesting art being made in the medium of fibre and I am very excited about having my work recognized in this venue.


I saw my favorite funny bear logo in Toronto.  If you pull the bear's hand, does he fart?


The aftermath of dim sum with a bunch of pals.  Dumpling goodness.  I was stuffed for the rest of the day.


I also picked up a set of  Krissy's/Rat Girl sweet cupcake hair pins at my friend Sarah's shop The Rage in Kensington Market.  These will come in handy for my upcoming cake performance.  So tiny!  So cute! Thanks, Krissy!


And I couldn't pass up this wicked dress at The Rage too.  So comfy, so colourful!  I'm sure The Rage has a web site, but I can't seem to locate it! 


oh toronto, what fun!

but it is also nice to come home.  I have lots of work to do this month, so it's never a dull moment.  On to the next....!