What is a long weekend in the summer for, but getting things done. So this is just what I did.

I have wanted to compost for a really long time.  It seems silly to be throwing all that lovely veggie stuff into the 'poubelle' when it can decompose so nicely in the backyard.  Here in Ottawa, there is no municipal composting program (nothing like the Toronto's super green bins), nor does the city of Ottawa subsidise compost bins.  I took Mike The Engineer's idea and made my own with a much cheaper garbage bin with some holes drilled in.  Now I am happy that I have a place to throw away all my compostables.  So sensible!


This weekend also took me out to the country to see friends new puppies, Fleur and Hershy (can you guess who is who).  Is it hard to take pictures of 3 month old puppies?  They do not stay still for very long!  This also leads to the web site I stumbled upon that is too much fun: CuteOverload.com.  Why did I not know about this page?  Too much cuteness!