Cake Shoes

I have been in a bit a shoe frenzy lately.  Recently I finished these dreamy cake shoes.  I have been working a series of cakes and I always like to push the concept a little father.  Thus, Cake Shoes were created.  How nice is it to think that I can slip on a pair of cakes at the end of a long day?  I can't wait to wear them outside...I'll have to wait for spring.  Its just like when I got a pair of rollerskates for my birthday (January) and could only use them inside for months...


I was tagged for 4 things, so here it goes:

4 jobs*
Only 4?
I’ve had about 26, and's some interesting ones:

-construction site worker

-driver to Margaret Atwood’s mother (yes, the author)

-production and design assistant at a belt factory (fancy, expensive ladies belts)

-ceramic elephant maker

*movies I watch over and over*

-Napoleon dynamite

-I have to admit to the Sound of Music

-Cheech and Chong movies (who doesn’t watch those over and over?)

-oops, that's only 3...I'm not much of repetitive movie watcher.

*4 books*
Blindness, Jose Saramango

Orynx and Craick, Margaret Atwood

A Fine Balance, Rohinton Mistry

The Fountainhead, Ann Rand

*4 places I have lived*



North Bay


*4 TV shows*
not really a show, but the news

Entertainment tonight or some other celebrity gossip dribble

Will and Grace


*4 vacations*
Tuktoyuktuk, NWT




*4 fav dishes*



Anything curry

*4 daily sites*

I heart sensible shoes



*4 places I would rather be*
At my studio

in a sensory deprivation float tank

on a mode of transportation, getting somewhere: boat, plane, car, bike etc..

in bed

4 Tags

I can only think of 2: Lisa and emilele