Job Done

I am kind of sad, but also kind of relieved that my job at the construction site is over.  It was both exciting and exausting to be witness to the landscape change (oh, and test the air for bad fumes, of which there were none.)   Each time I went to site it was different, with big new equipement brought in, or blasting that had been done.  Also, there was danger all over:  falling into a hole, getting flattened by a concrete brick being dropped by a crane, run over by a truck.  It was a thrill to be a on site with so much activity, so much destruction.  This is also a place that women are not: it is such a man's world.  And these men work hard.  Even though they may be working the equipment, it inevitably breaks down, so then it becomes a physical labour job to change to crane cable, put a new scoop on the shovel.  All this work, equipment, labour, blasting and landscape change to build a big highway, so we can get somewhere faster, easier, in our cars.  This is by far the weirdest/craziest job I've had, but it sure was an excellent experience.  I took lots of pictures which will be good foder for something someday.