I found out about the fabric store Dressew from Thimble (who used to live in Vancouver) or possibly DeborahMerlo (who does live in Vancouver.)  So when I was in Vancouver a few weeks ago, I had to check it out for myself.  I was so excited about all the crafty stuff they had there.  And So Cheap!  I went a bit nuts and spent $30!  Look at all the loot!  Even a pair of nice fabric scissors that didn't make it into the photo.  Who could resist a bag of pompoms for $0.99! or a bag of buttons for $0.99!  I am especially satisfied with the cute cuffs I am going to add to some sweaters for the winter, only $0.25 each to keep my wrists warm.


The store is located at 337 Hastings Ave.


It is a fabric bananza and notion frenzy.  I spent so much time oggling everything and then deciding what to buy...I couldn't get too much stuff because I had to haul it all back to Ontario with me.  All thanks to the land of blogging!