I have been busy crafting this huge pack for mitten sleeping bag #2.  This time the sleeping bag is made from ski gloves and mittens lost at Edelweiss ski hill in Quebec.  The sleeping bag is everything a sleeping bag Shouldn't be:  Big, Heavy and not easily transportable.   The pack is about 70L (not unlike this version at MEC).  I like to think my version is a bit cuter than those MEC ones.  I can't believe my old sewing machine was able to take the abuse of multiple layers of fabric and vinyl, but I took it slow and only broke one needle.  I am also having Tony of Tony's Shoe Repair add the hip belt. 

This image is of the sleeping bag being washed at the laundrymat. (don't worry, the gloves go through multiple washings before being slept on :)


Layers (vinyl, fabric + interfacing, canvas + fusing + fabric, vinyl) = Insane for a domestic machine


I'm off for some camping to 'test' sleeping bags 1 and 2.