On the weekend camping trip, I brought along my sleeping bag made of lost mittens.  I even fashioned an appropriate carrying sack made from vinyl and canvas.  I trusted the collective warmth of lost mittens so much, I didn't even bring a spare sleeping bag.


I didn't sleep outside the tent at night, but this is me just taking a little nap in the afternoon.


(Un)Scientific Evidence: Indicates that loss mittens kept me warm all night.  The temperature rating on this sleeping bag would be about 15 degrees, so its no 4 season sleeping bag.  But definitely warmer than nothing, and definitely cozy.  It is also not the lightest or most compact sleeping bag available. In fact, it is a bit combersome. But it sure was a interesting experiment.  It was a bit weird to think about all the people that had lost a mitten or glove and now that mitten or glove has taken on another life in this sleeping bag.  I am currently working on a second bag and have plans for a series of 5.