Here is an image of the macabre doll I am making out of Sculpey.  This is for a customer in New Brunswick.  This was the listing...and I said, oooh, I can make that:

Amy is a character from my novel.
She needs to be sculpted tied to a post. The post will be
imbedded in what looks like the sandy sea bottom.

Amy's costume: red adidas seventies style running suit

The jacket is unzipped to her waist revealing her autopsy stitches
that run up her chest forming a Y. Her feet are chewed away leaving
ragged stumps where her feet once were. Her hair is blonde and wet.

In the novel, the character Amy was tied to a post and drowned in the tide.

She came to life later in the morgue. A short film is being made of this
incident next spring through the Film Co-op.

Creepy! I have her mostly finished as well as the stump she is tied to, but I still need to bake her .  Any tips on baking Sculpey, anyone?  Hopefully I'll have images next week of the finished Amy.