I haven't posted in so long.  I feel like I have neglected my blog a bit.  I needed a little break from being tied to the computer.   So now for a catch-up post and then I'll get back in the swing of things.

Is is awfult to admit not being a really big fan of Christmas?  It is so ingrained in our culture that is a happy time of year and celebrating and gift giving.  I just not into it.  Its great to get together with friends and family and have that connection, but Christmas has become such a commercial monstrosity of consumerism, its pretty gross.  Do we really need more Stuff???  And then if I admit to not liking Christmas, then I must be a 'scrooge'.  This time of year if hard on a lot of people, financially, emotionally, stress, etc...  It actually makes me kind of depressed.  I'm happy when its over and things get back to normal.  And its not say I haven't had a lovely time, which I have, its just that Christmas doesn't have to be this picture perfect family with all the trimmings.  Its ok to feel a little off. 

Jason's mom out-did herself with a super dinner on Christmas Eve.


Then in the wee hours of Christmas morning, there was a horrible fire a block away from my apt.  No one was injured.  They don't know how it started.  I have never seen a house fire before.  It was scary/beautiful.


In the morning:


And later that day:


Its hard to extatic about Christmas if you're been through a few dodgy ones.  Its also hard to be totally happy when you know that other people don't have a home to live in anymore.

More Christmas eating.  These are Czech cookies/baking. 


Then there's also been a lot of sleeping: this is Mynch when we went to visit Mike and Emily


My Pandora on the bed: (she does this every morning)


Buckely in a box:


I have also caught up on my movie watching:  Lemony Snickets, Team America, Supersize Me, The Stepford Wives, Kinsey. 

Today the canal opened and Jason and I went skating!  These are my mom's old figure skates.   But later this afternoon I picked up my new (to me) speed skates from the sharpener and I had a go on these 2mm blades.  Wow!  It was tricky, but going to be fun!


Then there's been this destructive tsunami a world away.  I can't stop thinking about all those displaced people and all the deaths.  I feel so removed.  Its strange how I can go on happily skating on this frozen water, when the same substance, in a liquid form, can have such a devastating impact on so many lives.

Our world is such a fragile place. 

Everything is always in flux. 

Change is constant. Nothing is permanent.

Love the moments.

Love your friends and family.

Share what you can.