The Week

Now that I finally have some time on my hands after returning from the One of a Kind, I can update my blog and show pictures of my journey.  This will probably be the longest post ever, but there's so much to catch up on.

At first, I was nervous about driving the van, but I was an old pro by the time I was heading home to Ottawa. 



I was excited to see the 'exhibitors entrance'.  It made me feel like I had really accomplished something big.


This is my booth before the set up.  It was a bit of setting-up frenzy on Tuesday morning, but it worked out in the end.  I also changed things around on Wednesday morning.  More big sculptures and less clutter.  It worked much better.



This is my Soup Bowl that I had in the Campbell Soup Bowl Competition.  I signed an agreement with them that Campbell's can use my bowl for 2-6 months.  I wonder what they are going to do with it.  Several people were interested in buying it, but they will have to wait...or I could make new ones...Hmmm...


I have the best friends!  Thanks for coming to see me and hang out with me!!!

Nadine and me


Charity with the crazy hat I made her a few years ago.  One of the few things I am going to do in December is make her a new one.  Fun!


Tania and James playing with ColourForms on their heads.


Sarah, lounging on the fun-fur bench:


Thanks also to Yvette and Jen!  I don't know why, but I never took any pictures of you when my booth was up!  Thanks Tiffany, for driving all the way from Ottawa to see the show! Thank you to all for all you help and fun.  It sure made those 11 hour show days pass by with lots of laughs.

I was also lucky to be beside Paul Boddum for 6 days.  It was great to meet him and hang out with him.  At shows like this, its important to get along with booth neighbours and share stories and snacks! (like the spice cake his wife Krissy made, yummy!)


Here's a picture of the coolest glass blowers at the show:  Tsunami Glass Works by Kris and Eva.  They make the most gorgeous glass and are opening a glass studio in Windsor, ON.   This is Kris at the booth.  I think Eva is hiding.  Ha ha.


Here's a picture of how one of the exhibitors spends her time at her booth.  Watching TV!!!  Apparently, she was a big hit on Survivor  and Apprentice night.  Some people just need their TV!


Then there was the clean-up.  It really made me realize what a huge and crazy show this is.  So much organization!  I always find it interesting to see the 'aftermath' of a show.  Everything had been so tidy and presentable and then everything get taken apart.  This is the storage area.   


Me with the dolly for the last load!  Jen, thanks so much for helping!!!


Enroute to a custom order appointment in Monday, traffic was bit backed up due to Toronto's first snowfall.  I also got a bit of a push from some nice men at Seneca College who were helping people get their cars up the slippery hill.  It if wasn't for them, I'd still be spinning my tires on Finch!   It took me 7 hours to drive back to Ottawa (usually takes 5hrs)



And now I am HOME!!

What a huge acheivement it was to do this show!  I think I need to week off to do nothing and then another week to recuperate from doing nothing and then a week analyze this show.  I have been on a non-stop art-making frenzy since September and its important to take a step back and mull things over before taking the next step forward.   Yay for getting tackling a huge show and I'm excited to see where all this is will take me next.