Off I GO!

Well, this is it!  Tomorow I pack the van with the all the stuff (art art art!) and the boyfriend and I are off on my grand adventure of the One of a Kind.  We will stop in Stirling ON to see my friend Lori's Christmas play and make our way to Toronto on Sunday.  I set up and start the show on Tuesday.  Yikes!  There are still many things to do: pick up the printing, fetch the van, and things to buy (like a ladder).  I think once's all the stuff is packed in the van, I'll feel much more relaxed.

Here's a picture of Buckley on the fun fur bench, with the colour samples.  Maybe if I brought him to the show, it would be good for sales: so CUTE!


Also I was just on my way back from Home Hardware for last minute purchase of assorted screws and there was a beautiful moon rise at the end of the street.  This is the view from my roof.  It makes me feel like winter is on the way.