Ah, November. What an often dreary month. Rain, cold, blah. At least I've planned to envelop myself with colour and more colour as I continue making like-madness for the One Of a Kind, for which there are now only 4 weeks left before the show.

Instead of talking about work, I'd posted a picture of my friend Emily from a Hallowe'en party I went to. She was the woman from Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds. Those birds are attacking her. She's a funny gal. I laughed the whole night. Also the lovely party host Sylvia had some stylin napkins that I thought were just fabulous. What would we do without Ikea? This is a good lesson to always bring my digital camera with me everywhere.

I also came a cross the coolest industrial designer, my new hero. I will soon put it in the more permanent listing: Karim Rashid