I had to buy new socks today. All my socks were either thin summer socks or had holes in them. Now I have a bunch of new wolly cozy socks for a chilly winter to come. My sock-designer friend Lisa will be upset that I bought socks, but I just couldn't wait another moment. I especially like the pink socks as they are very soft and fluffy.

I have recently come across a flurry of lost mitten related sites. Alexandra Horowitz emailed me to tell me about her City of Lost Mittens, which was written about in the New Yorker. Through A mingling of Threads blog, I found that Jeff Younstrom has a photoblog of all the lostmittens and gloves he comes across. It nice to see that other people are very concerned with this phenomena of losing a mitten or glove. Perhaps with all this care and attention, people will be more mindful for their mittens and gloves.