Today I was working feverishly on the wire structures for my sculptures. In my mind, I thought I would easily plow through making 10 or 12 of these today, but I only managed to make 4. They don't look like much of anything at this point, and even when the sculptures are done, you won't even see the wire. But they are a bit tedious to make. However, I do love using the soldering torch. Its just that much closer to welding. Note to self: take welding class in the future. Who knows what I would start making if I knew all that mig and tig and oxyacetylene stuff. I am also aware that if the health and safety inspectors were to come visit, they would find a lot wrong with my work habits.

And you can't really beat the gorgeous tree that is changing colours by the moment. Its sooooo beautiful!!! Colour!!! All this from my roof deck.