It finally happened today: I am un-motivated. How can I complain about doing Exactly what I want to do? and yet today I feel all grumpy and unmotivated to even mix paint colours (one of my favorite things to, by the way... ) Am I constantly over-acheiving and thus a day like today thows me off? What if I never get motivated again? Why is working from home so difficult? I should enjoy the solitude, no one to bug me, drive me nuts, no one to tell me what to do. And yet, sometimes, this job is too solitary, I don't feel I have contact with the way the world is moving along. Maybe I just need to get out for some fresh fall air :)

I did manage to mix some lovely colours today. I'm keeping the 'recipies' so I can re-create it if I run out. What can be better than a beautiful Violet alongside a Chartreuse? So delightfully (slightly) mathematical and orderly. I've also come up with these little cuties doodles (right photo) that I'm going to make a bunch for the One of a Kind. Just a little shape dangling from a wire. Its actually quite versatile and modular. A bunch together can be put in a vase. Many colours to choose from.

There, I'm feeling better.