TEXT-ING  began in 2007 with the creation of the words COZY, SAFE and WARM in pillow letters. The alphabet pillows are made of reclaimed fabric and stuffed with polyfill from old pillows. I documented these word pillows in incongruent places such as COZY under a bridge, SAFE on construction equipment. After having created these words, I created the entire alphabet in pillows, which enabled me to 'write' any word. Over the course of 2008-2009, I documented many words in public spaces, on camping trips, travel and at the studio. As the project evolved, it was exhibited as a public intervention at the Blink Gallery (Ottawa) and at the Dumbo Arts Festival (Brooklyn, New York), the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum in 2010 and City of Ottawa Public Libraries 2011. The public was invited to made words with the pillow letters, take pictures and send them to friends as ‘text’ messages and upload images to a flickr site. In a time in which text messaging is a direct and often exteme form of instant communication, TEXT-ING as a sculptural project allowed participants to physically engage in word play. Other exhibitions include Corridor Gallery, Ottawa (2010) and Stride Gallery +Window Project, Calgary (2010).   
 COZY under a Bridge
 SAFE near decrepit buidling
 SAFE on construction equipment   
 WARM in a Storm
 WARM in a Storm
 CLEAN in NYC Subway
FUCK YOU pillows.JPG
 Man Succumbs to Alphabet
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