TEXT-ing  et al  was exhibited at the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum   (Almonte, Ontario) from October 21, 2010-January 24, 2011. The exhibition featured a public intervention with over 50 pillows letters in which the public was invited to create words, take pictures and rest or lounge with their favorite letter. Images were uploaded to a flickr site created for the project. A web cam broadcast this intervention during the museum’s public hours and was featured on Museum’s website during the run of the exhibition. Additional interactive word-making opportunities included magnetic letters, velcro letters and a chalk board. In addition to the Latin alphabet, soft sculptures were created in other languages including Mandarin, Hindi and Russian, as an exploration of scripts in Chinese Characters, Devanagari and Cyrillic, the most spoken languages in the world that use a script other than the Latin alphabet.   
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Mandaring in Mandarin.jpg
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