Organs, Organisms, Orifices   is an exploration of creatures, cells and organs. Created from reclaimed textiles and fibre, these works have an immediate intimacy based on their tactility and familiarity of recognizable materials. The theme of this project is timely as our current state of scientific progress is an everyday news story: stem cell research, biological warfare, organ trafficking and threats of a global pandemic.  A viewer is confronted with a tactile and delectable installation:      at once beautiful and frightening, a microscopic and macroscopic world that exists beyond our five senses. The Pink Orifice Creatures only have one giant pink orifice for ingestion, breathing, communicating, excretion and procreating. Cell structures such as a paramecium and H1N1 are developed in textile sculpture. Kidneys and Liver organs are stuffed with remnants and scraps from other sewing project, thus cleansing my studio.   
 Pink Orifice Creature (detail)
 Pink Orifice Creature (Yellow)
 Formerly the SARS Satchel, is now the H1N1 Handbag
 Kidneys (back, detail)
 Liver (quilt), front
 Liver (quilt), back
 Man under Liver (quilt)
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