An oddment is defined as “something left over” and “something odd”, often making reference to fabric or remnants of textile materials. In my new series Oddments, I am integrating studio accretion into 2-d wall works. Bits and bobs, snippets and serger cuttings are valuable to me in term of texture, colour, shape, size and past history. Having a studio practice for 14 years, this accumulation is my method of organizing, waiting for some day to make use of material that holds memory and significance. With my art practice consisting of sculptures, clothing, performance art, installation, public intervention and public art, I often develop large scale sculptures and architectural installations. The practice of creating these works is a meditation on materiality: a focused attention on line, colour, composition and the thread that joins them together.
02_Oddments Series Everything I Ever II_2016_mixed materials_48 x 64 x 1cm_$550.jpg
03_Oddments Series Everything I Ever III_2016_mixed materials_69 x 69 x 2_$950.jpg
04_Oddments Series Everything I Ever IV (for Susan and Susie)_2016_ mixed material_49 x 51 x 1cm_$650.jpg
05_Oddments Series Silk and Steel_2016_mixed materials_91 x 56 x 9_$695.jpg
06_Oddments Series Braid_2016_mixed materials_63 x 81 x 13cm_$785.jpg
07_Oddments Series Peach Puff_2016_mixed materials_51 x 59 x 28cm_$795.jpg
08_Oddments Series Peach Puff Detail_2016_mixed materials_51 x 59 x 28cm_$795.jpg
09_Oddments Series Feather Garden_2016_mixed materials_74 x 76 x 5cm _$1285.jpg
10_Oddments Series Feather Garden Detail_2016_mixed materials_74 x 76 x 5cm _$1285.jpg
  Oddments was part of (inter)woven at    Ottawa Art Gallery Annex, ART Rental and Sales, 110 Laurier Avenue West   September 17 – December 31, 2016   Opening Reception: September 29, 2016, 5 PM   Participating artists: Karina Bergmans, Vanessa Coplan, Natalie Eedson, Sayward Johnson, Bozica Radjenovic, Allyson Rousseau and Jennifer Smith-Windsor  Organized by Stephanie Germano, Manager, ART Rental and Sales
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