In 2014, I received an Ontario Arts Council National and International Residencies Grant to work with   Susan Taber Avila   in her studio in Oakland, CA. I worked on all 5 of Susan’s industrial sewing machines, how they operate, threading the machine, filling the bobbin and troubleshooting. I made samples on each machine from a variety of textiles materials and interfacing. I worked with Susan as she prepared for a solo exhibition in 2015 in Tulsa Oklahoma. I was observant of Susan’s studio methods and her ability to multitask the production of several large scale installations. It was an incredible experience to work with a senior artist, mentor and friend.
 The industrial embroidery machine.
 Susan's dress in progress
 Susan block printing.
 Dye samples
 Embroidery sample "breathe" on my hoodie.
 Susan Taber Avila and Karina Bergmans in Susan's studio.
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