For an outdoor exhibition at Ottawa’s 2012 Winterlude festival, I created Lost Mitten Mountain/Montagne de Mitaines Perdue. Having amassed a large number of mittens and gloves from my   Lost Mitten Project (2001-2007) ,  I re-visited this concept for the culmination of the project on a large scale. Public enthusiasm from previous lost mitten installations was passionate, as we all have the experience of losing a favourite mitten or glove. It is a common experience we share in a winter climate and we process the mitten’s disappearance in the stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression (in the case of a special mitten) and finally, acceptance. The symbol of a mountain was inspired by the landscape at a recent artistic residency at the Banff Centre (Alberta). It also is the reality of the volume of mittens and gloves that are lost each winter: that one could really build a mountain out of these lost items. By losing these mittens and gloves, the public has made a communal contribution to this project.
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