Adorning herself with lymph nodes and galavanting through reams of billowing green fabric, the Lymph Nymph is an ethereal, elegant and magical performance of a nymph superhero. Surrounded by nature sounds of crickets, birds, wind and water, the Lymph Nymph moves nimbly through a series of actions and choreography.    A lymph node is part of the endocrine system. There are hundreds of small nodes found in specific locations of the human body such as the neck, the arm pit and the groin. Lymph nodes work as part of the cleansing and drainage system of the blood as well as the site of production for white blood cells, the body’s defence system. This system does not have pump: it relies on the movement of the body to transport the fluid. A nymph has two definitions. First, it is a character of Greek mythology, most often a forest-living female deity. The second definition of a nymph is a larvae form of an invertebrate animal such as an insect. The Lymph Nymph presented at PROCESS space in July 2015 was a 13 minute performative action divided into 3 segments. Strings of lymph nodes made from tulle and silk are applied to a one of a kind green body suit. A hand dyed, brilliant green parachute is teased out of a customised bag and played under, creating moving sculpture. The parachute, representing the flow of lymph, is worn by the Lymph Nymph like a cape as she prances regally about the space. The entire performance magically squeezes back into a small vinyl bag as if nothing had transpired.  This project was supported by a grant from the City of Ottawa Arts Funding.    
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