The Lost Mitten Project examines the experience of loss. In this sculptural work of found objects, I created an installation for viewers to contemplate the issues that arise when confronted with loss [of a mitten]. The installation was a visual examination of the loss of an article of outer-wear, but can also be interpreted to other forms of loss that we experience, such as other possessions, friends or family.  On a small scale, the mitten must be grieved and replaced in similar way we would deal with other situations involving loss. Loss forces us to change our behaviour. The mittens and gloves found for this project are the physical representation of the owner's behavioural change:  buying a new pair, resorting to a back-up or going with cold hands.  By collecting and displaying the Lost Mitten Project in various installation, it was my goal to create awareness for the everyday loses we experience.    During the winters of 2002-2004, I collected over 2,000 lost mittens and gloves from the streets in my travels in the hope of reuniting a lost mitten with its owner. I documented each mitten and recorded its found location. I posted a ‘Lost Mitten of the Week’ in the local newspaper. I also collected lost mittens and gloves from the transit systems lost and found offices in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. I exhibited this collection in several site-specific installations and on line at (no longer in operation). Having amassed a large number of mitts and gloves, in 2005-2006 I sewed a selection of these hand warmers together in the creation of a series of Lost Mitten sleeping bags. I took these sleeping bags on summer camping trips in 2006 to test is the question: “Can Loss Keep Me Warm?”  This project was revisited in 2012 in the creation of  Lost Mitten Mountain/Montagne de mitaines perdue  for Ottawa’s Winterlude festival.
 Found Feb 8, 2004
 Mitten #17
 300 lost mittens and gloves were installed from the ceiling of 2 skate changing tents on Dows Lake at Ottawa's 2004 Winterlude Festival.
 A site-specific installation in the lower Bay station of Toronto's TTC subway.
  Mitten documentation and database
 A site-specific installation in the lower Bay station of Toronto's TTC subway.
 Newspaper add in Lost and Found Section of the Ottawa Citizen, winter of 2004
 Lost Mitten Sleeping Bag in a custom backpack, Alongonquin Park, 2005
 Lost Mitten Sleeping Bag 1
 Lost Mitten Sleeping Bags 1 and 2 in canoe with custom backpacks.
 Test of Lost Mitten Sleeping Bags 1 and 2 in Algonquin Park, Ontario.
 Lost Mitten Mountain/Montagne de Mitaines Perdue, 2012. More on the Mountain   HERE
 database data from Toronto finds, 2002
 Mitten #187
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