For an outdoor exhibition at Field work,  I created graffiti word sculptures entitled  OOH, AH, WOW.   In selecting words for this exhibition, I considered the palindrome (a word that can be spelled backwards and forwards i.e.: racecar), but I also looked at letters that can be flipped vertically and be the same letter i.e.: U, T, A, O, W, H, M, X, Y, V,  because the work could be be viewed from front and back. Influenced by graffitti style font and lettering, I chose the words OOH, AH, and WOW because they illicit excitement and isolate the graffiti tagging aesthetic to a bucolic environment. The sculptures were fabricated from household tarp, sewn in the studio, stuffed on-site with hay and t-bars. This work was exhibited from September 2011-April 2012. Over the 8 months in the field, the words changed alot: absorbed sun and rain, froze, sagged, faded but remained intact and upright.   Please visit   Field work    for more about this unique exhibition space near Perth, Ontario.   
03 KBergmans AH-HA.jpg
04 KBergmans  HooHa.jpg
05 KBergmans WOW.jpg
OOH, AH WOW in the field.JPG
 OOH, AH WOW in December 2011
 OOH, AH WOW in February 2012
 OOH, AH WOW in April 2012
 WOW in April 2012
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